Wie kann ich mir das Ende eines Bars signalisieren lassen?

Countdown Timer Settings & Sounds
You can add a countdown timer, and have it notify you when it’s close to the end of its time period. It can notify you by highlighting the time and/or play sounds.

Turning on Countdown Timer:
Select the chart you want, then from the top menu select Charts, then Edit Chart
(or Right click on the chart you want, and then select Edit Chart Settings)
The Chart Settings box will appear, in the lower Right Corner you will see a Show Countdown Timer, select the check box, then select OK. Repeat to add it to other charts (some market time frames are different).

Countdown Timer Settings & Sounds
After the countdown timer is on, place your curser just to the right of the countdown time, it will change to a hand, select it and the Price Pane Timer Options will appear.
Now you can change when it highlights (15% before 0), the highlight timer color (Yellow is the default), and even have it play a sound when it highlights to get your attention. Select OK and your done.
Sound Notes:
• MS Windows wave sounds are located C:\Windows\Media\
• IF you turn on sounds its default setting is “Play until End of Bar” so you may want to change it to “Play one time per bar”.