Was sind Templates?

Templates are predefined or user defined indicator graph setups. They allow you to save a
configured collection of studies and indicators and apply them to a chart with one step. For
example, a graph setup for Technical Stocks, you may prefer to look at it in candlesticks, daily
bars, with exponential moving averages, MACD, and RSI. However on your commodities
charts, you look for setups using OHLC bars, weekly bars, ADX, Stochastic, Commercials, and
Public Sentiment information. Saving a different template for each setup would allow you to
switch to the indicators you’d normally use on these charts with a simple keystroke or mouse
click, without having to go to the Chart Settings and add or remove or turn off any indicators.

Templates are used to save your chart settings so that they can be reapplied to a chart without having to set everything up again. Templates affect the number of bars displayed, bar type, bar properties, indicators plotted, indicator properties, chart colors and properties, etc. Templates can be saved as any name you like and you can have as many templates as you like. You can use names like My Weekly View, Long Term Analysis, etc. Click on the Templates button, select the appropriate template and click on it.

Default und Standard-Template

Wie Templates speichern, ändern und in der LISTE verschieben?