Was sind Filter?

For many years, we have been faced with question “How do I go through all of my securities
every night?” With over 10,000 charts to look at, this can become a near impossible task.
How long will it take to view 10,000 charts and study them for technical patterns, indicator
relationships, etc? Now it can take from a few seconds to a few minutes.
There are two categories relating to this ability.
1. Criteria – Criteria can be technical patterns within Price, Indicators, Fundamental
data, symbol lists (industry groups, exchange components, index components, etc), or
combinations of each. These represent the building blocks of the Filters.
2. Filters – A Filter is created from either a single Criteria or a combination of many
For each Filter, a list of symbols is created, which fulfill the conditions of the filter. Most
Criteria generate a list of symbols that fulfill the conditions for that Criteria. Criteria require that
you recalculate before they generate a list. Filters only require you to recalculate if there is a
new Criteria added or new data added.