Advanced Traders Library I: Ten Complete Mechanical Strategies

The Advanced Traders Library I is a tremendous compilation of strategies that will give you more than just a starting point for strategy development. These strategies are designed to give increased insight into proven techniques – formatted to fit seamlessly with your Trade Navigator. Their uniqueness does not stop at their names, the 10 strategies have been developed to maximize market efficiency and minimize risk.

Gain efficiency, dependable techniques and reliable strategies that will perform time after time! NO guesswork, NO speculation, only organized performance with minimal effort on your part – we did all of the programming for you!

The Strategies include:

  • A Ten
  • Intermarket Analysis
  • • Oil Well
  • • One Minute Charts
  • • One Night Stay
  • • Price Gaps On Opening
  • • Quarter Pounder
  • • Rate of 10 Above/Below 0
  • • S&P Banker
  • • Two Step

1) Dynamic Lower Band
2) Dynamic Upper Band
1) A Ten
2) Intermarket Analyse
3) Oil Well
4) One Minute Charts
5) One Night Stay
6) Price Gaps on Opening
7) Quarter Pounder
8) Rate of 10 Above/Below 0
9) S&P Banker
10) Two Step